Repeated American Dems’ Betrayals of Israel and World Alliance With Muslim Arab Jihadists

Ynet published today an article, US warns Netanyahu against unilateral steps in East Jerusalem, in which the US yet again equates Jews defending ourselves with the very Muslim Arab Jihadist terrorist attacks who run Jews over with their vehicles, butcher Jews with meat cleavers, etc.

Moreover, the world continues to feast—yum, yum— on the same Muslim Arab Jihadist terrorists propagandists’ vomit, yet again being regurgitated by the very Muslim Arab Jihadist terrorists who are indoctrinated from birth to kill Jews and eradicate Israel from the Middle East. It’s long past time the world, and particularly the insidious American liberal Democrats who claim to be our friend while betraying Israel, repeatedly throwing Israel under the bus, deal with reality instead of swallowing “Ramallah Makhmoud”‘s straw man theater and pretending the Muslim Arab Jihadist terrorists narrative is reality. That’s nothing more than a cover to allow intrinsic latent miso-Judaism to surface, blossom and thrive.

Ignoring U.S. “concern” is imperative. Israel should be “concerned” at U.S. bombing of a hospital with the resulting deaths of (if I remember correctly) several Doctors Without Borders, of the U.S. treatment of blacks (all that violence can’t be without some truth, right?), the messes America makes every time they intervene in the Middle East — including their ill-conceived “concern” in this case. We could, and should, detail-back to the U.S. a very long list of Israeli “concerns” about American policy toward Israel in particular as well as detailing U.S. messes from Benghazi to Afghanistan, Iraq, Dash, Syria, etc.

That’s exactly what our so-called “friend” and “ally” does to us. Consider the USSDep (State Dept.) response in this very instance, stressing an “importance of all sides avoiding provocative actions and rhetoric.” The US is STILL equating Jews being hunted down and savagely run down with a vehicle or butchered with meat cleavers with the Muslim Arab Jihadist terrorists who are running down Jews with their vehicles and butchering Jews with knives and meat cleavers!!! YOU—Israeli Jew reader—are either so beyond outraged that you must stand up and speak up or you are insane and suicidal!!! Or you don’t give a rip about your children!!!

Moreover, we should do this every time the U.S. messes up; at the moment of America’s mess-up. What’s good for the goose…

However, revoking the residency of these Muslim Arab Jihadist terrorists (no different from “ISIS,” the Muslim Brotherhood-Khamas, Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Khiz’b-Allah and the rest of the Muslim Arab Jihadist terrorists throughout the rest of the Middle East) is a half-measure that won’t work without sealing-off their village from leaving and declaring them a demilitarized, autonomous protectorate.

This seems to be a legitimate dilemma: either Israeli law must be enforced in these areas without exception or these areas must be sealed off and walled up; no coming or going until the villagers face reality and deal with the consequences of behaving like roving bands of warring chimps instead of civilized human beings who are fellow children of the Sole Creator-Singularity. Since they already lie outside of the security wall/fence, sealing them off—no coming or going into Israel, including our capital; for education, praying nor even medical attention nor any other reason whatsoever—and declaring them a protectorate on their own (demilitarized and autonomous) is the preferred option. They can have (demilitarized) sovereignty over their protectorate—in fact we will force it on them! They can print up their own protectorate residency cards, passports, money; whatever they want. No Israeli services whatsoever! Electricity and water only AFTER they have paid up front AND only at a rate that’s profitable for us to provide it. Let ’em have Sharia law. Let ’em all hack each other to death if they wish—while Jews remain safe in our own country and capital. If they want to pray in their mosque on Har ha-Bayit, or medical attention in our hospitals, or education in our universities, etc. then they’ll first have to sanitize their own villages of their intrinsic violence and indoctrination (including their schools and madrassas) of Jew hatred and shahidism to eradicate Israel and Jews from the Middle East.

All this is THEIR choice! It’s their insistence on killing Jews that brings this on their heads. Don’t blame Israel for that! We must close our ears to such outrageous misojudaism and insist, with whatever force becomes necessary, on our own survival and safety—whatever the cost to those who seek to eradicate us.

If 80,000 residents indoctrinate their children in their schools and madrassas to kill Jews and become shahid to eradicate Israel instead of reigning in 100 of their children then, yes, it becomes the problem of ALL of them!!!

As to what the 80,000 residents will do with their lives without access to Israel, that’s the problem of the Muslim Arab Jihadist terrorists of the protectorate — sovereign, remember??? Muslim Arab Jihadist will bear that responsibility, NOT Israel! So go ahead and join Khamas, but you’ll have to do it by Skype, sealed off within your protectorate. As long as you don’t attack Israel we don’t care AT ALL.

The example of relatively quiet, at the moment, Shuafat demonstrates that merely passing the hot potato of carrying out terrorist missions from village to village, allowing most villages “immunity,” isn’t realistic. They will all have to clean up their act together—including each other’s acts—or suffer consequences together.

The Chief Propagandist of the Ras Khamis neighborhood, Jamil Sanduka, asked:”What have I done that makes him want to make me his enemy? Because there are some hotheads we have to pay the price? This is how to solve this problem?”

What you’ve done is what you’re still doing today: COLLECTIVELY you are STILL, TODAY, indoctrinating all of your children from birth—on your TV kiddie programs, in your schools, your madrassas and your summer camps—to become a shahid (martyr) killing Jews, running Jews over in cars, butchering Jews with cleavers, eradicating Jews and Judaic Israel from the Middle East. Like the Nazis, collective punishment is absolutely appropriate and earned for collective guilt!!!

If you treat our giving you your sovereignty in your own protectorate as a “declaration of war” then Israel must not equivocate over our existential need to survive. Muslim Arab Jihadist terrorists bear the responsibility of the consequences of attacking Jews or Israel; and the world, if it won’t shut up its racist bilgewater against Israel and Jews, WILL stand down and back—or else! Not even liberal Dems (much less our Republican friends) will permit regional war to prevail against their only potential ally left in the Middle East! Reading Israel’s defensive measures as “a declaration of war” will be misreading your own death certificate! Time Muslim Arab Jihadists were forced to confront the harsh reality; and time Jews put down their hopes of a bigger TV and apt. to cement our children’s place in this world.

Hot and heavy confrontations are an inescapable alternative to allowing this pressure pot to continue to build pressure until the lid blows into a far greater explosion in regional war. Local Muslim Arab Jihadist terrorists know that would be their end.

Right now, Muslim Arab Jihadist terrorists throughout the Middle East are so involved trying to eradicate each other throughout the Middle East to see who’s the last man standing to eradicate Israel and conquer the infidels around the world that regional war, if Muslim Arab Jihadists can even unite at this point, are in an extremely weak, untenable and even vulnerable situation. Israel probably won’t see a more favorable time than now to lock down a secure position and lock in Yᵊrushalayim in ways that even most of the world could not deny it is our capital, and the inalienable right of Jews to pray on Har ha-Bayit.

To be sure, there will be opportunist extremist fanatics railing about tearing down the mosque and building a temple for reinstituting animal sacrifices; but they are few, ignorantly in the Dark Ages and easily ignored. Building a House of Prayer for all non-idolaters on the site of the original First Beit ha-Miqdash—which is nearly 100 meters north of BOTH of the Muslims’ mosques (see archaeological documentation in the Netzarim website). Neither mosque need be considered idolatrous (provided Muslims specifically renounce their ancient goddess al-ilat, fem. of al-lah; see photo proof: scroll down to photos). Thus, neither mosque need be touched—unless Muslim Arabs crank up regional war. Muslim Arab Jihadist terrorists provide a series of recent precedents for the Middle East protocol for dealing with enemy religious sites in the event of war.


One thought on “Repeated American Dems’ Betrayals of Israel and World Alliance With Muslim Arab Jihadists

  1. Wow their is not one leader who would ever accept or confess publicly this is the truth. If someone does they are sick racist and an enermy of Israel. The reality is Israel is tired traumatized. Israel struggles to see others struggling even the enermy. Each Nation has a responsability to stand with Israel and call out there enermies for the bullies murders that they are of against israel and there own people and cowards that hide behind the women and children. There is only ha Shem quodesh echad who will save israel . l pray Israel will find strenght and comfort in this truth and the promise of our Melech mashiach.

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