The Cause of Muslim Jihadist Global Terrorism is NOT the Israeli-Arab Myth

I remember back in the 1970s, when I first began studying Torah, Hebrew and Israel, reading about “The Arab-Israeli Conflict,” which consensus regarded as the core of all troubles in the Middle East.

Many so-called scholars and pundits, followed blindly by the masses, haven’t advanced from that superficial—miso-Judaic—position.

Today, it is perfectly clear (to anyone who is objective; i.e., everyone except raving miso-Judaics) that today’s terrorists are, for all intents and purposes, all members of one or the other of two brigades of the same global army: Muslim Jihadists.

The global Sword of Islam today comprises their Shiite Brigade and their Sunni Brigade. To be sure, internecine rivalries spill incomprehensible amounts of each other’s blood, in seemingly endless savage massacres and atrocities to decide which will rule the world and impose Sharia law on you.

Within each of the two Muslim Brigades, there are endless units with names like Dash (≡ ISIL = ISIS), Iran Revolutionary Guard, Alawhites (Syria’s Assad), Muslim Brotherhood (with Gaza division Khamas), Khiz’b-Allah, the Armies of 22 Middle East Arab countries, Palestinian Authority, Islamic Jihad, al Qaida; the list goes on and on to deceive the kuphar (non-Muslims, infidels) to continue thinking of each as small, lone wolf, independent factions to be dismissed as diverse, strictly local and insignificant relative to America and Europe.

But, in the end, even Europe is being forced to realize that the Sword of Islam is one global army: Jihad; and that means eradication of kuphar—non-Muslims (≡ infidels).

It ain’t just Jews and Israel that Jihad of the Sword of Islam aims to force to convert to Islam and accept Sharia law or be eradicated!!!

Until Iran’s global ambitions became inescapably clear, Muslims were astonishingly successful at convincing the world that their only ambition was to debilitate Israel to a state of complete enfeeblement while creating yet-another Muslim Jihadist “Palestinian” state to engulf and consume it.

This “occupation” ruse conceals Muslim Arabs’ intrinsic racist view of Jews as sub-humans, whom they persecuted in their own countries for centuries. Jews had to pay the special “Jew tax” or be executed. Like dogs or other animals, Jews had to get off of a sidewalk to make way if a Muslim Arab approached. Jews were forbidden to wear the symbol of manhood in these countries: the janbiya (dagger in their belt). This is another way of demonstrating that Muslim Arabs in all of these countries held adult male Jews to be animals, not men—for centuries! That never ended. It continues today wherever Jews are found in Arab countries—and, of course, Jews are prohibited, regarded the same level as pigs—from Saudi Arabia and Mecca! That’s the most blatant, brazen and pernicious display of racism on the planet.

And those who sympathize with Muslim Arabs vis-à-vis Jews and Israel are complicit and equally guilty in this vile racism.

This realization is huge. The truth screaming from this information is that Israel and Jews are no more than one step-stone, which happens to be geographically close, in the Muslim Global Jihad ambition of the Sword of Islam. In other words, Israel and Jews AREN’T the cause, and never were. Rather, Israel and Jews are the canary in the mine. And Europe is now under great siege for having denied and ignored the canary in the mine.

America is next. GOP candidate Trump is on the record having recognized that it’s a matter of time before Muslim Jihadist terrorism explodes on the American scene even greater than 9/11 or the European massacres by Muslim Jihadist terrorists. But even Mr. Trump needs to clean his lenses. Not just the Boston bombing. Media reports of many mass shootings and violent riots are already underplaying hints of lone wolf Muslim Jihadist sympathies and even cooperation between Muslim Jihadists’ and drug cartels’ recruitment of activists to incite riots to violence and shooters to kill cops.

The consequence of this realization is that all attempts to paint Israel as the villainous cause of Middle East atrocities are vile racist Muslim Arab Jihadist “kitman” (lies authorized by Sharia for Muslims to further the cause of Islam) that divert your eyes from beheadings, massacres and atrocities committed by Muslim Arabs that are literally (not figuratively) hundreds of thousands of time worse by Muslim Jihadists throughout the Middle East as well as elsewhere in the world!

Look at the present: Israel has killed about a dozen terrorists, caught on video in flagrante delicto in the act of running down Jews in cars, chopping Jews dead with a meat cleaver, shooting Jews and knifing Jews—yet, you’re supposed to believe Jews are the villains, that Jews “executed” a 13 year-old terrorist who attacked Jews with a knife and was just released from the hospital after being healed by Jewish doctors in an Israeli hospital—ALL while diverting your eyes entirely from Muslim and Russian activities in Syria and Iraq that has killed hundreds or thousands of Muslims! If you continue to be duped by the “kitman” propaganda of Muslim Jihadist terrorists and their Satanic leaders then you’re an imbecile!!!

Israel and Jews didn’t cause Muslim Arab Jihadist Dash to behead any of the European and American Christians. Israel and Jews didn’t cause beheadings, massacres or atrocities by Muslim Arab Jihadists of Dash all over Syria and Iraq—nor their destruction of archaeological hard evidence that contradicted the Muslim narrative—exactly mimicking their “Palestinian” counterparts who bulldozed archaeological hard evidence off of the “Temple Mount” (photo proof from Biblical Archaeological Review at:

Later, the same Muslim Arab Jihadist Waqf excavated 400 dumptruck loads of archaeological evidence from the “Temple Mount”!!! But these instances only hurt Jews, so the world ignored Muslim Arabs’ destruction of hard evidence contradicting the narrative of Muslim Jihad. When it happens to Arabs of Syria and Iraq, suddenly the world cares—confirming the miso-Judaic racism that motivated the world to ignore it when it was only Jewish-Israeli history being invalidated. Muslim Jihadists are unalterably determined to destroy any evidence that contradicts the Islamic narrative; allowing them to rewrite history according to Islam. Soon, it will be Europe and America—because you allowed your eyes to be averted from the canary in the mine!

Think back: neither did Israel and Jews cause Muslim Arab Jihadists to blow up American marines in Lebanon. Nor al Qaida to fly airliners into the World Trade Towers. “Palestinians” invented using airliners for terrorism too! Israel and Jews didn’t cause Muslim Arab Jihadist Assad to gas Syrian Muslim Arabs. Israel and Jews didn’t cause Muslim Arab Jihadists to kill cartoonists in Europe. Turns out, neither did Israel and Jews cause Muslim Arab Jihadists to attack London, Paris, New York or elsewhere.

Neither Jews nor Israel are the cause of this bloodshed; the cause of all of this bloodshed is Muslim Jihadist terrorism!!!

The Muslim world (Arabs AND Iranians) regards ALL of Israel as Jew-occupied Muslim land. Ergo, when Muslims complain about “the occupation,” they’d like you to assume they refer only to “Palestinians” in the “West Bank”—which you foolishly do assume. But Muslims, under the Sharia law principle of “kitman,” deliberately mislead the world; Muslims are referring to ALL of Israel, every last centimeter Muslims regard as Jew-occupied Muslim land! Periodically, they slip up and a map of the Middle East emerges with no Israel whatsoever. Oops—truth’s out again!

So, if you sympathize with “Palestinians,” you sympathize with miso-Judaic racism irrevocably dedicated to the complete eradication of Jews and a Judaic Israel from the Middle East!!!

Modern Israel and Jews—”the occupation”—have never been anything more than a convenient ruse for Muslim Arab Jihadists—particularly “Palestinian” Muslim Arab Jihadists—to disguise their global Jihad and avert the world’s eyes from their beheadings, massacres, gassings and other atrocities. Yet again, miso-Judaics use Jews (ergo Israel) as a scapegoat to veil their evils. Will you?

2 thoughts on “The Cause of Muslim Jihadist Global Terrorism is NOT the Israeli-Arab Myth

  1. It must be said a verbal attack does not taint a whole community. I have had many a respectful verbal engagement with sincere human beings who just want to share the planet. From all Nations and all religions. Military people who use a group or Nation to attack another is a danger to all. They a like Hitler a curse to their own people. Those who defend the innocent should be respected.


  2. Sad but completely true. Even sadder here in Australia our politians will continue to support the Islamic communities lack of influence to kurb the violence here and in Israel just to keep multi culturalism alive. Multi culturalism breeds hidden rasism. In a large shopping centre in Sydney Australia i was called a dirty jew. No one wants to believe the truth it is to frightening.


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