DASH (ISIL/ISIS), Iran, Assad, Khiz’b-Allah, Brotherhood or PA “Palestinians”: Terrorists Are Muslim Jihadists

And so is their “spin”:

Innocent Muslim Arab attacked after traffic accident (having accidentally hit a bus stop full of Jews) in Yᵊrushalayim neighborhood of Gᵊula, (Malᵊkei-Yisraeil–Kings of Israel–St.), forced to defend himself with a meat cleaver (he happened to have in the car) PROVEN in this VIDEO!!! (Click enlarge icon for full screen.)

This violence is nothing more than yet another iteration of a cycle that has reigned in Israel since the mid-1980s, proving repeatedly that Muslim Jihadists, despite their kitman (guile; sharia law permitting Muslims to deceive infidels in the furtherance of Islam) platitudes, will NEVER, EVER, consent to live among Jews in a Judaic Israel. Until Muslim Arabs are physically separated from Torah Jews there will NEVER, EVER, be peace.

This means that the ONLY solution is neither a 1-state nor a 2-state solution (the false dilemma gov’t leaders, diplomats, generals and media–none of whom can think out of the box–always poses), but sealing off the cities and villages where large concentrations of Arabs reside as protectorates; granting them most of the accouterments of a state–but not militarization nor the import of weapons. Free trade (non-military, of course) and autonomous self-government must be guaranteed (as long as it is peaceful toward Israel) but entry into Israel prohibited–ironclad. Then they must be on their own. They can trade with Israel or not; with Jordan or not, with Egypt or not, with other Arab countries and the world or not as they choose. They could become prosperity-oriented Qatar or remain infidel-eradication oriented like Dash (ISIL) to join stone-age Gaza, whichever they choose. Israel would not be responsible except for protection of their protectorates from foreign conventional military attack.

This video also demonstrates how firearms carriers in Israel are woefully untrained. How many times did this hero have to shoot the terrorist? And the terrorist kept getting up to attack him over and over? Merely going to target practice and other current training, relying on Hollywood for “experience”, is decades behind the times.

First, before a person is permitted to even touch a firearm at the training range (s)he NEEDS to be thoroughly trained in the legalities of when it’s imperative to shoot, what to shoot (proper firearm and ammo), how it’s imperative to shoot (volley of 3 rounds, each time it’s necessary to fire) and when not to shoot. That means understanding the legal side of what is assault, how does assault differ from battery, what are the real-life realities of applying these “Shoot, Don’t Shoot” decisions and how do they relate to self-defense and the defense of other citizens and deadly danger to the public. This is totally ignored, not only in Israel but (except for police academies, where I learned it) ignored in America as well.

No less important, before actually touching a firearm, is learning how to secure the firearm safely at home to keep children safe from exploring and playing James Bond, accidentally killing a sibling, a friend, a parent or themselves. (Or mistaking their spouse or child for an intruder at night and accidentally (?) killing a family member.)

Also before touching a firearm on the training range, Israelis–including some firearms instructors, Shabakh, police, etc.–need training in the difference between reality and the movies when it comes to civilians and off-duty carriers of firearms (i.e., this is not applicable to on-duty in-uniform soldiers or police) choosing how to carry a firearm. You can tell at a glance: if you see the firearm they’re pretend James Bonds who ain’t carrying smart; inviting terrorists to jump their gun. They think they’re so good (some martial skill, or just think they’re bad-ass) that no one could jump their gun. But it’s quite easy to jump their gun by surprise ambush if it can be seen. My recommendation is a pancake holster under a shirt not tucked in. I’ve many times demonstrated that I could draw and fire (assuming right-handedness: lift right side of shirt with left hand while, simultaneously, drawing and firing with the right hand), accurate volley of 3, before a soldier could get a magazine into his rifle. When a terrorist cannot see a firearm, (s)he cannot assume it to jump it.

The video demonstrates that the hero’s (and I’m not using that sarcastically) weapon is the wrong choice of a firearm AND ammo. Using a .22 or .38 SOUNDS like it’s “more humane” when, actually, you practically have to empty your gun into someone and then pray he dies before he gets to you and kills you. Anyone carrying a firearm should choose a weapon that’s a popular choice of personal firearm among many police. You can determine this from a web search of police magazines. You’ll find that, for most people, this will be reliable (Smith, Glock and the like) .357 or semi-auto 9mm. In either case, the ammo should be hollow points. If you HAVE to shoot, you want to stop (not kill, BTW, which takes too long to aim–and convicts you in court; just shoot at the general center of the torso to stop the assailant), and you want to stop ASAP–that means you want one hit to knock the attacker down, wherever the round hits (which, with range practice, most people should be able to accomplish in a volley of 3). I can tell you that when you’re life is at stake, you’ll know the irrelevance of “humane” when it comes to surviving against some Muslim Jihadist(s) who are opposite of humane.

Shooting at a person trying to kill you isn’t like shooting at a target. I have a Marine friend with a lot of combat experience who was bayoneted in the neck (he survived), pulled his 9mm and emptied it–into the air. The enemy was so close he had bayoneted him and, even that close, he never hit the enemy. (His buddy killed the enemy.) So don’t think it’s like the movies where you can hit someone in a leg at 50 meters–or even at 1 meter. That’s why combat shooters squeeze off volleys of 3, which allows you to try to stop the assault AND zero-in with 2 more in case the first or second misses. One 9mm or .357 hollow-point, if you hit the assailant, will knock down a very large, very strong and determined man (unless he’s hyped-up on drugs, which would require a couple more rounds); while a .22 or .38 will not unless you’re very fortunate to hit the right spot–in which case you kill him or her anyway.

Another problem not being addressed in Israel (again, since the mid-80s when I made aliyah) is that IDF soldiers are not police; they are untrained and not properly equipped for police actions. Meanwhile, police not properly equipped for anything. (I volunteered with the mishtarah for a while.) And, periodically, each is called on to do the other’s job, assuming (!) the mission is the same. It’s a low-level disaster playing out in slow-motion. One example is the breaching of the Gaza fences by mobs. That required shotguns, loaded with buckshot, fired at feet of the mob to turn them back. Shotguns have limited range, which means misses won’t travel half a mile and then kill a bystander. It’s amazing how quickly shotguns discourage a mob. You may want to argue that shotguns would result in world condemnation. So does tear gas or any other defense by Jews. It’s called miso-Judaism. At some point, we’re going to have to ignore that if Israel is to survive as a Judaic nation.

13 year old teen Muslim Jihadist Terrorist

Police video 2015.09.29, Pisgat Ze’ev suburb of Yerushalayim — two Muslim Arab Jihadist teens from Beit Khanina, 13 & 15, stab and seriously wound a man, then chase him. The two Muslim Arab Jihadist teens, brandishing their knives, enter a candy store where they attacked a 13 year old Jewish teen riding by on his bike, stabbing him in the neck and critically wounding him. When confronted by the police, the video plainly shows the 13 year old Muslim Arab Jihadist charging the police officers brandishing his knife. That is absolutely a “righteous shoot”! And the video shows Abbas is an artful practitioner of kitman (Arabic: sharia point of law that instructs lying and deceiving infidels in the furtherance of Islam). Not only does Abbas pervert truth in his routine propaganda, The teen Muslim Jihadist terrorist is alive—getting the best medical care in the world from Jewish doctors in an Israeli hospital!!!

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