Who Has Authority To Determine Who Is A Jew?

Word has finally filtered down to National Public Radio (NPR) that a set of Orthodox Bât•eiDin has developed in Israel as an alternative to the racist, sanctimonious, abusive, off-the-rails, fanatic, Dark Ages Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•i Ra•bân•ut who contradict Tor•âh and overturn Ha•lâkh•âh that has stood for millennia while calling their evils Tor•âh.

It will likely be shocking news that never in Judaic history was there ever either a Ra•bân•ut that behaved like a Sanhedrin, nor any pair of Chief Rabbi(s) over Israel. The two Chief Rabbis of Israel and the Ultra-Orthodox Ra•bân•ut are BOTH recent Ultra-Orthodox, Kha•reid•i REFORMS that overturn Ha•lâkh•âh that had previously stood for millennia!

In Israel, the Israeli secular government recognizes the Ottoman appointed Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•i Ra•bân•ut, which routinely contradicts Scripture and Ha•lâkh•âh that, until overturned by the Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•i Ra•bân•ut in recent decades, stood for centuries. So, which has the Divine authority to delegate to the Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•i Ra•bân•ut its authority to overturn Scripture and Ha•lâkh•âh in the determination of Who is a Jew? – the Ottoman Turks? Or the secular Israeli government? These are the authority that has chained Israeli law under the tyranny of the Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•i Ra•bân•ut. Every Israeli Jew who refuses to subscribe to racism and Dark Ages Ultra-Orthodoxy is an â•gan!

So, I’m a voice in the wilderness insisting that none of the above have authority to overturn Scripture or its logical interpretation as Ha•lâkh•âh.

Scripture documents the transition of Rut, and Ta•lᵊmud documents and describes the transition of geir•im, over a period of time and learning, culminating in (Bᵊrit Mil•âh for males and) immersion according to Ha•lâkh•âh in a mi•qᵊwëh. According to Ta•lᵊmud, this must be attested by three reliable (read Tor•âh-practicing Yᵊhud•im); there was NO requirement that even one of the witnesses be an Orthodox—or any other kind of—rabbi. (In fact, since Pharisees weren’t invented until B.C.E. 134, before that time, there were no Pharisee witnesses of any kind.)

Who Has Authority To Declare A “Convert” A Jew

According to Scriptural Authority, and even Ta•lᵊmud, any three “reliable Jews” (i.e., of good reputation in the global Orthodox Jewish community) who attest witness of a conversion have authority to declare a geir to be a Yᵊhud•i(t).

While we Nᵊtzâr•im, being Orthodox, maintain our own Nᵊtzâr•im Orthodox Beit Din, we applaud the efforts of Orthodox Rabbi Seth Farber and עִתִּים (Itim; “occasionally”), as well as the Orthodox group of צֹהַר (Tzohar; “skylight”) rabbis, to provide for Israeli Jews a more widespread alternative to the abuses of the tyrannical, Dark Ages Ultra-Orthodox rabbis ordained by the Ottomans and today imposed by the secular Israeli government.

Except for Ultra-Orthodox rabbis and its Ultra-Orthodox Ra•bân•ut, the Nᵊtzâr•im recognize everyone who either comes from a family of Orthodox Jews or converts under the auspices of any Orthodox rabbi who is generally recognized in the global Orthodox Jewish community, anywhere in the world, AND who does their best to live the remainder of their life living in accordance with Tor•âh and Ha•lâkh•âh as interpreted from Ta•na”kh according to the earliest extant historical sources and documentation, archaeological hard evidence and discrete logic.

However, the Nᵊtzâr•im also recognize the 15 Biblical transgressions (see link) that, without tᵊshuv•âh, produce kâ•reit from the heavens.

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