Racism in Ultra-Orthodox Matchmaking

In Ynet, Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•it girl, Ariella Shternbach cites (Ultra-Orthodox Matchmaking, 2015.10.09), among other travesties, pure racism—”You’re not a pure Ashkenazi?”—at its core in determining whom an Ultra-Orthodox shadkkhan (matchmaker) will permit a young man or woman to marry. Consequently, every young couple getting married in the Ultra-Orthodox / Kha•reid•im community entrenches this racism for another generation—under penalty of their entire extended family being blighted, ruining their family name and all of the relatives’ opportunities for marriage, if they diverge from this norm. Such pure racism, impossible to wrap my brain around, is more radical than the KKK or Nazis.

It’s imperative to distinguish primitive Ultra-Orthodox/ Kha•reid•im from the far wider (regular) Orthodox Israeli community. Failure to differentiate them commits lᵊshon hâ-râ (and, if made public, mo•tzi sheim râ) against the (regular) Orthodox, who are innocent of Ultra-Orthodox evils. This Ultra-Orthodox/ Kha•reid•i racism is not part of Orthodox Ha•lâkh•âh.


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