Israel Law Regressing To Dark Ages Ultra-Orthodox “Tradition”?

ârëtz reports in its 2015.10.11 editorial that the Israeli Kᵊnësët “Ministerial Committee for Legislation is slated to consider a bill [Yom Ri•shon] that could herald the first step toward making Israel a country governed by Jewish religious law ([Ha•lâkh•âh],) by injecting elements of Jewish law into Israeli law,” sponsored by the National Orthodox political party, haBayit haYᵊhud•i.

Israel ha-Yom also publishes an article today about haBayit haYᵊhud•i proposing legislation.

In the process, the bill would make “Jewish law”, sources of which include the Mishᵊnâh, the Ta•lᵊmud and Ultra-Orthodox rabbinic rulings, an integral part of Israeli law, without the filter of the current law. The legislation would oblige judges to apply such law, without allowing them to find answers according to the rules of inference.

Israeli law would then find itself in inescapable opposition to modern Jews and realigning interpretation of Scripture in harmony with the modern real world of facts—historical documentation, archeological hard evidence and logic; remaining mired in Ultra-Orthodox Dark Ages “tradition”; Ha•lâkh•âh could not be extricated from its present Ultra-Orthodox rabbinic Dark Ages.

Ultra-Orthodox khareidim correctly recognize that this bill would ensconce them into the core of Israeli law. It further guarantees remaining mired in stagnation of medieval rabbinic law, an embryonic guarantee of a course toward a Judaic counterpart of the Taliban—an Ultra-Orthodox, radical Judiban.

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